Off to a great start!

I just began to workout again after months of comfortably being nothing but lazy. Not to mention, I have been indulging myself with whatever sweets and tasty flavors come my way. I have decided to start taking care of myself for I have gained about 30 lbs. however I wish to loose about 40 lbs more or less. This time getting out of the comfort zone has not been easy. I start one week with a workout/diet plan and I soon give it up. I seem to not be able to stand the pressure. Instead I will start with a very low impact workout and changing one of my daily meals until I can fully exercise and eat healthy again.

This week I have just started with walking while watching TV or around the park. I began to drink
More water, especially in the morning and night time. It is easier for me to drink during those times since I tend to forget during the day. So here I go. Hopefully this week I loose a few lbs but one will be a great start.

Let’s begin!

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"There was once a young man of Oporta,Who daily got shorter and shorter,The reason he saidWas the hod on his headWhich was filled with the heaviest mortar.”—from Useful and Instructive Poetry (1845)


"There was once a young man of Oporta,
Who daily got shorter and shorter,
The reason he said
Was the hod on his head
Which was filled with the heaviest mortar.”
—from Useful and Instructive Poetry (1845)

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No se puede encontrar paz evitando la vida
Episode 75: The Johari Window - YouTube

Interpersonal communication. The Johari Window.

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Las personas que se aman a sí mismas, no hacen daño a otras personas. Cuanto más nos odiamos a nosotros mismos, más queremos que los demás sufran
Un amigo puede estar esperando detrás de la cara de un desconocido